You know you’re in Door County when…

…Mark gets a chance to wear a Viking hat! This was a picture and story I forgot to tell on Sunday but thought you might enjoy. We went to Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant (the one with the goats on the roof!) in Sister Bay for lunch after church, and while we were waiting to get a table, we went into their boutique to see what wonderful things they had.

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Help wanted!

The main industry in Door County is tourism. New businesses are opening all the time, and they all need workers. Back in the day, students came up to work for the summer, but that source of help began to dry up, so businesses in Door County turned to other nations. They get J-1 students from other countries to come and work. The employers offer employee housing and often bicycles so that the students can get to and from work and around town.

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All work and no play…

Today, Mark was home and Ashton was here so we did some work and we did some play! Ashton and I have been starting out each day by watching an episode of The Chosen about the life of Jesus. If you haven’t seen it, you can get it on your computer by googling The Chosen and Episode 1 or whichever episode you are on. I highly recommend it. It’s the best portrayal of Christ I’ve ever seen. He has a twinkle in His eyes!

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Autumn, when everything begins to settle down!

This weekend has been Fall Fest in Sister Bay, a time when all the locals know better than to try to go anywhere near Sister Bay.  Today was my last official day at the Noble House for this season.  Now that Fall Fest is over, things are winding down.  I want to treat you to some of our fall colors… Continue reading

Time with the kids

Mark took me to work this morning at the Noble House and then he went and picked Merih up for some guy time.  Mark has been working on Merih’s car for at least the last couple of weeks, and it was hoped that with Merih’s help, they might be able to finish, but this car is not so easy to fix.  However, Mark thinks that they should be able to have it driveable by next Tuesday.  Merih is certainly hoping so! Continue reading