Lincoln, the Civil War, and Embalming

My boss at the Noble House back in Door County is putting together the spring newsletter, and she asked me to write an article for it. Our tour this summer is going to be A House In Mourning: Victorian Funerals so she gave me the assignment of writing about embalming during the Civil War. Spoiler alert: If you are squeamish, this might not be a good article for you to read!

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Creative outlets

I had several suggestions from Judy (the president of my Wisconsin fan club) and Cherie yesterday, so since Mark and I had this afternoon off we endeavored to check them out.  In the process, I also did some initial research on a suggestion many of you have made. Continue reading

Guest blog: John Greaves III

One of my authors, John Greaves III, offered to do a guest blog for me while I am recovering.  (Thank you, John!)  He asked that I also include links to the Amazon sales pages for his two published books, which I am glad to do to support him in his efforts.  The first book is A Little Lesson in Manners and the second is A Different Kind of Giant.  His topic for this blog is how he found an illustrator for his book cover, and I am including his illustrator’s web link in my list of useful links in the sidebar of my page for anyone who might be interested. Continue reading

New book news!

Imagine watching your spouse go from perfect health to total dependence on you for everything.  That’s what happened to Delores Warner.  Her husband, who had always been in control, was diagnosed with ALS, and he made her promise she wouldn’t put him in a nursing home.  She not only took care of him, but also of their small farm with Continue reading

Guest blog: Delores Warner – on publishing her first book

Way back in the beginning when I was first writing this blog, I was editing a book for a first-time writer, Delores Warner.  I have asked her to keep me posted on her progress since I finished with her, and she recently told me her book is being published.  I asked her if she would write a guest blog about the process she’s been through, and she has.  Here is Delores’ post: Continue reading

Final notes from the SCBWI picnic

My last two posts have been notes from Lisa Nowak’s talk at the SCBWI.  I took some of my own notes from her talk too.  A spare tidbit for you writers is that you don’t have to stick with one way of publishing.  You can self-publish and get picked up by a traditional publisher, as Christopher Paolini did.  (He wrote the Inheritance series; a fantasy Continue reading