Lincoln, the Civil War, and Embalming

My boss at the Noble House back in Door County is putting together the spring newsletter, and she asked me to write an article for it. Our tour this summer is going to be A House In Mourning: Victorian Funerals so she gave me the assignment of writing about embalming during the Civil War. Spoiler alert: If you are squeamish, this might not be a good article for you to read!

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On top of Stone Mountain

Mark and I went to explore the mountain today.  We decided to be really daring and buy a one-way ticket for the sky tram to the top of the mountain.  There is a trail that people can take in either direction or both.  We weren’t daring enough to try both! Continue reading

From Harper’s Ferry, WV

In 1976, when my family came to Harper’s Ferry, it was dusk, but I had the impression that it was a beautiful, quaint little town.  I seem destined to arrive here at dusk, but I had a very good reason for arriving at dusk this time… Continue reading