I come to the garden alone

The dedication for the new garden at my church, NW Community Friends Church, is tomorrow, and I’m hoping to make it there; but I got my booster shot today and, not knowing how I’ll feel tomorrow, I decided I’d better get some pictures today. If I’m able, I’ll try to get pictures at the dedication.

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From Tucson, AZ

We actually arrived in Tucson last evening, but one of our slideouts was broken so that we couldn’t open it, and we couldn’t find the hotspot in the jumble of things packed into our tight space. Mark managed to fix our slideout today and found the hotspot. It’s so handy to be married to an RV tech!

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Fall Fest

Last weekend was the Pumpkin Patch in Baileys Harbor. This weekend is Fall Fest in Sister Bay. Next weekend will be the Fall Art Crawl in Ellison Bay. Then, the tourist season will be pretty much over! Everyone here is eager for the tourists to go away. I called one of the lodgings I call every week to find out what their availability is like, and I asked the hotel manager how he was doing. He said he wanted to crawl under his desk!

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Cutting through the jungle

In the spring, the flowerbed in front of my house always starts out with shy violets and lily of the valley. By fall, it is completely overrun with everything from ferns and goldenrod to Queen Ann’s lace and a sort of locust tree (Robinia hispida) we can’t seem to get rid of. Today, I asked Mark to take a weed-whacker to the whole thing.

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From…Tucson, AZ

On Tuesday, the 13th, I got my second COVID shot, and as anticipated, I felt crappy on Wednesday. I had such a bad migraine that I ended up in the ER Wednesday afternoon to get an IV. That took time out of our schedule of getting ready to go home. Also, Mark had a roof job that just ended yesterday.

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All God’s critters got a place in the choir…

First I’d like to say a word about my pastor, Nancy Bontempo.  She will be leaving in a week for a clinic in Chicago that does a combination of whole body and traditional treatment.  I believe she said she’d be there for five days while they have a team of therapists from different specialties examine her and ask her questions about her diet and exercise and mental attitude and such.  She will be staying with a friend who has offered to take her back and forth to her appointments, so she doesn’t have that kind of expense to worry about.  However, her insurance will only pay for any traditional therapy she gets.  She is attempting to raise $50,000 for the rest of her treatment and has started a GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/nancy-bontempo-fighting-breast-cancer?fbclid=IwAR13FnmbqhcqhgqZvqZc98yIDWGHzhHaHIs6gTkNG1REQw2Kri8rjXCojPI.  I don’t usually ask if my readers would like to help with things like this, but for her sake, I’ll make an exception.  If you could even contribute a dollar or two, it would be a help.  Thank you! Continue reading