Kimba’s vet visit

I am beginning to see a trend in the Door County medical field.  Saturday morning I tried to go to the Aurora Nor-Door Clinic that was supposed to be open from 9:00-noon on Saturdays, but they were closed.  Today we needed a vet for Kimba and I called one whose advertising said he’d make house calls — in fact the name of his clinic is Pets-At-Home — but he asked us to come to his home.  Ah well, you do what you have to do! Continue reading

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday!  Late yesterday afternoon my mother, stepfather, son and daughter-in-law came up to be with me through Mother’s Day.  Last night Aunt Marg and all the rest of us went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, Via Birch Bay Café and Bistro.  My family all got to see our new RV too.  It’s so good to have them here! Continue reading