Guest Blog: “Me” aka Mark Fuller

Hey, everbody!!  It’s Me!!!

Denise is feeling a bit overwhelmed and asked if I could do her blog for her tonight.  She wanted to write it last night, but the excitement of our boat ride caused her to run out of steam, even before she had time to finish editing all the pictures she took from our excursion.

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Guest blog: John Glionna

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while may remember how upset I was about a year ago when a reporter from Harpers classified Workampers as senior citizens who have to work to survive and get taken advantage of by their employers.  Another reporter compared Workampers to the Joad family from Grapes of Wrath or to Woody Guthrie.  A rash of reporters began contacting Workamper News asking for people to interview so I offered to be one of those people.  Several months ago I was contacted by John Glionna of the LA Times who, at the time, was looking for a modern migrant worker-type story and I told him if he wanted to interview me he had to tell the story like it is.  He agreed to interview Mark and I and two other Workampers and do our stories justice, so this weekend he and a photographer from the LA Times, Francine Orr, are here following us around and asking us all sorts of questions about our lifestyle.  I believe he’ll write a good story. I’ve asked him to do a guest blog: telling a little about himself, explaining his story idea and what he’s hoping to get out of this.  I’ll let you know when his story is published so that you can find a copy of the LA Times and read it if you so desire. And now, without further ado, here’s John… Continue reading

Guest blog: John Greaves III

One of my authors, John Greaves III, offered to do a guest blog for me while I am recovering.  (Thank you, John!)  He asked that I also include links to the Amazon sales pages for his two published books, which I am glad to do to support him in his efforts.  The first book is A Little Lesson in Manners and the second is A Different Kind of Giant.  His topic for this blog is how he found an illustrator for his book cover, and I am including his illustrator’s web link in my list of useful links in the sidebar of my page for anyone who might be interested. Continue reading

Guest Blog: Mark Fuller….yea again!!

Hey everbody!!

Hey its me again.  Denise had an appointment with the hand doctor this morning.  In talking with her doctor, it was determined that Denise should have surgery on her wrist on morning of March 13th.  She spent some time with a nurse going over pre-op paperwork and instructions.  Not only did the nurse tell her she couldn’t wear any perfume, the nurse told me, as her escort I couldn’t wear any after shave or cologne!!  I understand being sterile but I ain’t gonna be in the operating room with her… Continue reading

Guest Blog: Mark Fuller

Hey everyone!!

Bet you’re all wondering why Denise hasn’t posted a blog in a while??  Well, her hands have been giving her problems since we left Reno, NV.  Once we arrived here in beautiful Lynden, WA., we got her in to see a hand specialist. After checking Denise’s hands, this specialist referred her to an other specialist who works on the therapeutic side of the specialty.  After about a month worth of therapeutic treatments, there has been little to no improvement… Continue reading

Guest blog by John Greaves III

I knew this would be a busy day, so I asked my most recent published author to write about his experience.  John first had me edit a full length book about his characters, Zac and Mya, but then he sent me a short story aimed at introducing his characters ahead of the book.  He has just gotten his short story, Pit Stop, published.  I’m turning it over to John Greaves III from here: Continue reading