The Grand Opening that almost was

I worked feverishly to get ready for today’s Grand Opening. I had it all planned. I bought 50 individually wrapped cherry turnovers from our famous Seaquist Orchards bakery. We had 50 chairs set up with plenty of space between them for social distancing. I had gotten a bunch of responses from people who wanted to attend the Zoom presentation I planned to give.

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For the last couple of summers, my washing machine has been occasionally staining our clothes with streaks that look a little like oil.  This summer, it badly stained one of my costumes for work at the Noble House and my boss had to take it home and work on it to get the stain out.  She told me about a repair guy that she trusts, and when I told him what happened, he suggested I try powdered laundry detergent rather than liquid.  That seemed to work at first, but then… Continue reading

Old news is better than none…

A couple of weekends ago, Mark and I went to an RV show at the Pima County Fairgrounds.  Most of what we saw was redundant and not very exciting, but we saw two 5th Wheels that we fell in love with and they were reasonably priced.  Only problem is, we owe more on our current RV than it is worth, so all we could do is drool. Continue reading