From Roseburg, OR

We did something this morning we haven’t particularly done before.  We actually planned to leave late!

We knew that the roads were icy, so we hoped that by waiting until at least noon, the weather would be a little warmer.  We also planned to drive only three hours today and we got to the Walmart here in Roseburg after sunset.

We have already run into several problems.  We stopped for gas this afternoon, and after filling the tank, Mark tried to start the RV.  It wouldn’t start until he hit the emergency start button.  He figured that we had too many things plugged in and the battery ran down, so he pulled everything except the cooler where we keep our refrigerated food.  When we arrived here, we went into the Walmart store to get permission from the manager to park here, and when we came back to the RV, there was a long stream of water flowing from under our RV.  Mark figured out that the water pump was leaking, so he took a flashlight out and tightened it up.  We also have an electrical issue and can’t start the generator, so he is now working on that problem.  It’s not a good sign to have so much go wrong on a 3 hour drive!

We’ve been so busy the last few days that I haven’t had an opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year!  I also want to thank everyone who sent cards, newsletters, got together with us, or gave us gifts.  It’s hard leaving family and our Portland-area friends, but we will be back next November.

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