Mark’s progress: Lake City, FL

I spoke with Mark this evening.  Here are the highlights of his day:

Mark got up at 5:30 this morning in Bradenton, FL, the place he’s been living for the last ten weeks.  He pulled out of the campground where he’s been living at 7:45 AM.  He had to make a couple stops to have air put in the tires of his motorcycle trailer and to get something to help keep the front of the trailer down.  I don’t exactly understand why a motorcycle that weighs more than 800 pounds wouldn’t hold it down, but apparently it didn’t.

Mark finally left Bradenton at around 10:10 this morning, making one stop on the trip to get gas.  He reached Lake City, FL by 2:45 this afternoon.  He is planning to make nice, easy days of this trip.  Lake City is just south of the turn-off to hit Highway 10, but he isn’t planning to turn west until he’s further north.

I asked how the cats are doing.  He said the temperature this afternoon was somewhere in the 80’s and the cats were all sprawled out on the floor.  He’s staying in a Walmart parking lot and didn’t want to turn the generator on till it was cooler out.  In the cool of the evening, the cats finally came to life and started running around and playing.

I am thrilled to have Mark on the move.  That means that our separation will soon be over.  I counted today as being day 29 on the countdown!

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