From Carson City, NV

It was pointed out to me that I failed to mention in yesterday’s post that I actually made it back home.  I made it back, worked my shift, had dinner (mostly prepared by Mark), and we invited Adam and Beth over for dessert.  Mark made root beer floats and Adam and Beth got to meet our cats.  This was in preparation for a trip Mark and I had planned to take today (our first day off) to NV to see if we could register for domicile.

Most Workampers register in a state that has no income tax, of which there are a few.  Some are also favorable in registering your vehicles.  We had made plans to come to NV on our first weekend and had made reservations at a Motel 6 in Carson City, but then we found out that you have to have an address in NV and live here for 30 days before you can register.  We were in a quandary about what to do, and in talking things over with Adam and Beth last night, we decided that even though we can’t register in NV, it was too late to cancel our reservation so we might as well go.  Beth had agreed to feed our cats while we are gone, and surprisingly, our cats seemed to like Adam and Beth, so it was decided.

We packed up this morning and hit the road.  Rob would be happy to know that we had his favorite breakfast at Jack in the Box on our way out of Saratoga.  Once we got out of the heavily populated valley where they have palm trees and tile roofs, we got into country that reminded me so much of eastern and central Oregon.  It was almost like being home!  It’s God’s country out there, with ponderosa pines and clear blue-green water.  We stopped at one vista point and read that part of the history of the area included the Mormon emigration trail.  Mark was glad we had gone that way so he could see that.

We came up at the south end of Lake Tahoe.  There is a town there, still on the California side of the border, that is cute and touristy.  At a stoplight in town, you cross into Nevada, and the next several blocks have casino sky scrapers.  It’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen!  The glimpses we got of Lake Tahoe lead me to believe it is as beautiful as it is reputed to be, but we needed to get to Carson City and our reservation.  We are taking advantage of being in an area with good connections.  Tomorrow we hope to be able to spend a little time at Lake Tahoe before heading back to Los Gatos.


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