by Jared Souza, June 2012

I am blogging to authors, particularly writers of children’s and YA fiction and graphic novels.  This is my area of expertise because of my background as a youth librarian and as a nanny, so I will sometimes be sharing reviews of my favorite books.  I believe that to be a good writer, one ought to be a good reader, so I give examples of the kinds of books that are popular with kids. 

I also have experience in proofreading and copy editing, so I will be sharing tips from that experience on ways to improve your writing.

Some days I might share what’s going on in my life, or steps I’m taking to improve my business.  Most of the time, though, I want to share information you might find useful as an author.  If you have suggestions of topics you’d like to read about, send me an e-mail or write a comment here.

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m so glad you joined us on Thanksgiving Day. It is so much fun meeting new brothers and sisters. Don’t you agree? Have a blessed day!

  2. that’s a business site. not interested in it. It takes care of itself. I am interested in my new one going up soon during my trip as a workamper to AK. Of course you know about that. Haven’t decided on a name yet but I am probably going to use WIX for the site. Any other ideas? Might like to use your services for some writing as well. How about PicsByDick.Net. or MyAlaskaAdventure.Net.

    • I just found a comment from you written in 2016 where you said you hoped you had the right place for signing up for my blog. You didn’t. Next time we come to visit, remind me and I’ll try to help you get my blog in your email inbox.


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