An act of God

Most of my readers know that I am a Christian from a Christian family, but there are many different beliefs among Christians. It may not surprise you to know that my sister, Sherill, believes in miracles since she was miraculously healed the first time she got multiple myeloma and was in remission for five years. Continue reading

CTA cruise

When Mark and I were still working at Wagon Trail Campground, our boss sent the whole staff to get training to be a Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA).  One of the perks of being a CTA is that once a year, there is a free special event that we are invited to so that we can tell visitors about it and maybe peak their interest in doing it.  This year it was a cruise to Plum Island. Continue reading

Our 10th anniversary

I didn’t write about this last night because I was obviously busy, but June 13th was Mark’s and my tenth wedding anniversary.  I had thought for several months about what I’d like to do for such a momentous occasion, but in the end we had to scale down our plans.  It still turned out to be good. Continue reading