Bicycle accident

Mark has been in Appleton doing a training for veterans for the last couple days, and he took the truck with him.  He’s been staying in a Motel 6, but he’ll be home tonight.  When he walks in the door, he’ll be in for a big surprise! Continue reading

Only a week behind…

OK, so this happened last weekend:  We had the annual staff and seasonal spring potluck.  Usually they try to have it in May or early June when more of the staff can be available, but this time it was difficult for everyone to coordinate their schedule, so Mark and I and Chris and Deb were the only staff members who were able to attend.  Here are the pictures: Continue reading

In the midst of a remodel and stuff

Mom reminded me today that it’s been a while since I’ve written.  First of all, we’ve been in the midst of a remodel, and that being so, we haven’t gotten out much.  However, I thought you might be interested to see what we’ve been working on.

Continue reading

The perks of working at Wagon Trail Campground!

Wednesday night, almost the entire staff, including Tim and Kathy who arranged it, got to take a boat tour of the bluffs with Shoreline Tours.  This came about because someone from the tour company took the Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) training with us a few weeks ago and they offered us a free tour.  I took well over two hundred pictures and it has taken me a few days to edit them all.  Now, picking just a few of these to show you is my next hurdle! Continue reading

Please be cautious!

About a week ago I had my email account closed because someone had hacked into it and sent a bunch of spam out from my address.  My son, Jamey, was able to help me change my password and put code protection on my account so that I can’t be hacked again, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t use my email address to send out spam. Continue reading