From Las Vegas, NV

Last night, Mark and I invited our neighbor, Kiki, to a campfire as a last hurrah.

See the brightness on the opposite side of the firepit? That’s where Mark accidentally dropped the butane lighter and after burning for a while, it exploded!
Mark doused the fire with a large bucket of water.

This morning before we left, Kiki came out to say goodbye and pray with us. Mark and I prayed for her too.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the road from Tucson through Phoenix, but I let Serenity know when we were passing Congress and she said she waved in the direction of the highway!

Cloud play
The long road
Coming to a bridge
Hoover Dam – the water behind the dam looked low to me.
Crossing into Nevada
Hot dog!

We have air conditioning in the house part of the RV, but none up in the front. We can only use the house air conditioning when we are plugged in, so we were sweltering all day!

Coming into Las Vegas with a dirty windshield!
Nellis Air Force Base

We’re staying at the Famcamp at Nellis AFB. The Famcamp is called Desert Eagle RV Park. Mark found a place for us to park and then the first thing I did was walk Tucson down to the dog run.

There was a bowl of water in the dog run and Tucson guzzled it down. She was thirsty!
Sunset over the dog run

I met a couple in the dog run who had a poodle. The poodle and Tucson chased each other around and said Hello in their doggy way while I visited with the couple. They told me the best way to go when we leave tomorrow and we talked about the sad state of Portland, OR. It felt cool in the dog run. When Tucson and I got back to our site, Mark was sitting outside at the picnic table. I went in thinking I was going to fix dinner, but it was still sweltering inside the RV and we had no interest in anything hot. I ate some frozen raspberries and Mark had a popsicle while he ran the air conditioner. It has finally gotten cool enough in here to sleep.

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