2nd Sunday of Advent

This morning, I went with Mom to Rise Community Church again. The sermon was about John the Baptist preparing the way for Christ. John had an unusual style of preaching. He called his listeners a brood of vipers and said that the axe was ready to cut down the tree to be burned, but since it had been 400 years since the last prophet, people flocked to John to find out what they needed to do to be prepared for the coming Messiah. The answer was that they needed a change of heart, and that’s what we need too.

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A very full day

This morning, it occurred to me that we have kept studded tires for the pickup truck in my father’s garage for the last several years. Since we no longer have the truck, we should try to sell those. I talked with Mark, with Dad, and with Les Schwab where we bought the tires. Les Schwab won’t buy the tires back, but they did give me all the specs on them so we can try to sell them ourselves. That was only one of several pieces of business I had to take care of this morning.

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Short fuses all around

Over the weekend, Mark and I didn’t get to bed before midnight either night. I was staying up late to process the pictures I’d taken each day and to write my blog. I don’t know what Mark was staying up late for. Whatever our reasons, this is not the best thing for us to do.

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The first day of Advent

My brother-in-law, Rob, is a man of many talents. Not only is he a band teacher and a conductor, but he is also an Anglican priest. This morning, he had the distinct pleasure of having his granddaughter, Isabella, act as his acolyte.

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From Klamath Falls, OR

Mom and Mark and I headed to southern Oregon today to visit my younger sister, Lauryn, and her family for the weekend. The family consists of my brother-in-law, Rob, and my nephew, Nate, as well as my sister. Also here are Rob’s daughter-in-law, Cynthia, and his young grandchildren.

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Just wanted to let you all know that we have been on pins and needles waiting to hear if our insurance company was going to pay us for our truck that burned. We got word today that they have totaled the truck – how could they not? – and they will settle with us as soon as I sign some papers for the procurement of the truck title which was burned in the glove box. Praise the Lord! We will soon have money to get a trailer, which Mark has deemed best, to cart the motorcycle and my car around with. Thank you to those who were praying with me for this!

From Salt Lake City, UT – with a slight mishap…

Mark and I had just crossed the border into Utah and been driving on Highway I-80W when a bunch of cars started honking at us as they drove by. I asked Mark, “Why are they honking?” He checked his rearview mirror and said, “We’re smoking.” He pulled over to the side of the road and got out, then opened the door and yelled, “The truck’s on fire! Call 911!”

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