From North Platte, NE

This morning at the Walmart we were parked at overnight, Mark took Tucson out to do her thing. When he came into the RV, he brought me something he had found on a tree nearby…

A quilted heart that was wet from snow when he first brought it in!

I just looked up the web address listed on the piece of paper pinned to the heart. In 2014, three sisters and their husbands were out on a hike in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada when they came across a small quilted heart that had a note that said “I need a home!” There was no name on it. When they got home, they searched online for several weeks trying to find out what it was about but they found nothing. They liked the idea, so they started a website ( and a Facebook page (#IFAQH) where people could report their findings. The sisters sewed hearts and whenever they took a trip or went to a public place, they left a heart for someone to find. Quilted hearts have been found all over the world, and the people who report having found one also tell the story of how they found it. Often, they’ve been having a bad time and the quilted heart has helped to cheer them up. I might just start doing this myself!

Also when Mark came in with Tucson, he told me that it had snowed overnight, mostly in the mountains around us.
We got gas a few miles down the road. The gas prices in Wyoming were unbelievably low, all things considered!

Today was my birthday, so as we traveled down the road, Mark told me I could open my present.

He bought me four fat quarter bundles. I can’t wait to make something with them!
As we climbed higher, we started getting into some snow!

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a snowstorm on my birthday before!

We crossed the Continental Divide three times today. We finally started getting into some better weather on the other side.
The Lincoln Monument on the Lincoln Highway
Patches of sunshine and blue skies!

By the time we got to North Platte and got out to make sure we could stay in the Walmart parking lot tonight. The weather felt almost balmy!

We finished the book Five Sacred Crossings by Craig J. Hazen today. The plot got kind of intense toward the end. It left us thinking and discussing what happened when I finished reading it aloud. Good book!

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