About Denise Fuller

I live with my husband, my two cats (Dobby and Kimba), and a dog (Tucson) in a 32' RV. We travel around the country as Workampers. These are our adventures...

R.I.P. Kimba, part 2

I got Dobby in 2005, right before my divorce. The next May, I met Mark who had a big dog named Dolly. She would dance with him in the kitchen! I graduated from library school at the end of 2006 and planned to go to Mexico to volunteer for a year, so Mark said he would take Dobby until I returned from Mexico. My stay in Mexico only lasted a few months before I got deathly ill and had to come back. The day after I returned, around Easter in 2007, Mark and I sat with Dolly while she was being euthanized. She had a tumor and he had to have her put down.

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What a start to the season!

Working for Block Advisors this year has certainly been different! When I started working in my office, I was told that my boss, Victoria, has now been put in charge of two other offices in Tucson. Last year, she was about to tear her hair out at the end of the season with only one extra office besides the one I work at. Like she really needed more stress in her life!

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Happy New Year!

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that we have neighbors on either side of us here behind the church this year. To our right (looking from the inside toward the windshield), we have a 5th wheel with a youngish man living in it. His name is Davis. To our left, in a 24-foot trailer, are Serenity and Jose. The 2 couples haven’t really had a chance to get to know Davis very well, so tonight, I called everyone together for a neighborhood block party!

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The wedding!!!

A week ago today (Friday), I got vertigo and I’ve had it ever since. There was so much I wanted to do to help Serenity get ready this week, but I was unable to. She and Jose did a magnificent job of preparing everything they could in advance. Serenity’s sister, Katie, and Katie’s fiance, Adam, flew in from Wisconsin yesterday and helped wherever they could. Still, we had thought we’d have plenty of time to get everything set up and do a trial run for the technology today, but we ended up doing most of that at the beginning of the wedding. We had Zoom and WhatsApp to set up and everyone was very patient. I told Serenity that if there weren’t any problems during a wedding, there would be no stories to tell for years to come!

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Finally using my degree!

Most of you probably aren’t aware of this, but I got my BA in Pastoral Ministry at Marylhurst University in Oregon in 1990. I had hoped to become a pastoral counselor, but I went on for a Master’s in Art Therapy and dropped out just before I was supposed to do my practicum. Anyway, the closest I ever came to using my Pastoral Ministries degree was to be an interim church secretary for a year. When the regular secretary came back, I couldn’t even find another job like that.

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