From Redmond, OR to Rock Springs, WY in 2 days

Yesterday morning, Mark and I left Oregon and entered Idaho. At some point during the day, I had a setback that made me not feel like writing last night, so I’m combining 2 day’s worth of pictures in one post.

The Three Sisters Mountains
Getting into eastern Oregon
At this point, we had entered Idaho.

Last night, we stayed at the Mountain Home Air Force Base FamCamp. We were there too late to get a site, but they had overflow parking we could stay in. The overflow parking area wasn’t level, so Mark put down some leveling blocks and then asked me to stand outside and let him know when the tires were in the opportune spot on the blocks. My heart sank when I got out and saw goat heads in the tires. I was told that that’s what they’re called when I described them while we were in Reno on our way to Oregon. They are about the size of pea gravel and have very sharp spines sticking out. Tucson’s first step out of the RV made her yelp in pain as they got stuck in her paws. This is the first trip where we’ve ever encountered these things. We didn’t know what they were in Reno and we tracked them into the RV on the bottoms of our shoes. Walking barefoot in the bedroom, I still occasionally step on one. This time, we were more cautious. Whenever we stepped outside the RV, we scrutinized the bottoms of our shoes before stepping back into the RV. We also swept upon reentry to be sure none had gotten loose on the floor.

At this point, we were in Utah. Mark believes these are the Wasatch Mountains.

The picture above is the last picture I took before we entered Wyoming. There was nothing particularly interesting or beautiful to take photos of in Wyoming for the hour we drove after crossing the border. It was all brown. Mom called when we were going through to see how our trip was going. Lauryn and her family headed back to their home in Klamath Falls today and then Mom’s Scrabble friend came over and beat her at a game. I told her our trip had been uneventful so far and she said, “Uneventful is good!”

I have been reading a book to Mark on our drive today. I got it from one of the boxes at Dad’s house. It’s a novel called Five Sacred Crossings by Craig J. Hazen. It combines philosophy, world religions, and a terrorist plot with an argument for Christianity. Mark and I are both enjoying it. It’s only 165 pages long, so it’s not a very big book, but the ideas are thought-provoking and the plot is intriguing. Mark and I both give it a thumbs up!

Gas prices here in Wyoming are the best we’ve seen in a while. Mark got a tank of pure premium gas for less than $4 just before we stopped for the night at Walmart. Tomorrow is my birthday, so a little while ago, Mark went into Walmart to get me a present. I can’t wait to see what he got me!

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