Women’s Safety Forum

There is a woman named Kiki Rogers who lives in the parking lot with us behind the church. She recently invited me to a Women’s Safety Forum and I said I would enjoy going with her. Come to find out, she was the moderator, so we got there early to set up for the forum.

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Family news

This morning, I had an appointment at Miracle-Ear at 11:00, but I had to stop by Dad’s house to get the address first. Dad kept thinking that his hearing aids were over next to the computer and he couldn’t understand why I was going to their office to pick them up.

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Stepping out!

This morning, Dad wanted to walk back to his bedroom for a minute, but by the time he got back there, he was so winded that he had to lie down on the bed. Elaine said he needed oxygen, so I got out an extra long hose hospice had given us and attached it to his oxygen machine in the dining room, and it was long enough to go all the way back to his bedroom. He got nice and comfortable there and took a little nap.

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Lincoln, the Civil War, and Embalming

My boss at the Noble House back in Door County is putting together the spring newsletter, and she asked me to write an article for it. Our tour this summer is going to be A House In Mourning: Victorian Funerals so she gave me the assignment of writing about embalming during the Civil War. Spoiler alert: If you are squeamish, this might not be a good article for you to read!

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GEODC tour

My boss, Mickie, at the Door County North Welcome Center (visitor center), paid for herself and a co-worker named Vickie and me to take a four-hour tour this afternoon. Just before I left home to pick Vickie up and head to the trolley station in Egg Harbor where the tour was going to start, Mickie texted Vickie and me and said there was a tornado watch for Door County and she said we didn’t have to go on the tour if we didn’t want to. Both Vickie and I opted to continue as planned.

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Sometimes, life just isn’t fair

One or two of you have mentioned that you’ve missed me writing this month. We’ve been trying to get Ashton through the Freshman year of high school. Ashton was way behind when we first picked Ashton up, but we pushed Ashton to catch up and Friday was the last day to turn assignments in. We’re just waiting to see the report card now, but we know that Ashton will be passing almost all of the classes, hopefully with a good margin.

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Sewing camp and Christmas decorating

Yesterday (Saturday), I volunteered to help at a sewing camp my Oregon church, Clackamas Park Friends Church, puts on semi-annually.  At the same time, there were volunteers in the sanctuary decorating the church for the Christmas season.  I got pictures of both… Continue reading