Stepping out!

This morning, Dad wanted to walk back to his bedroom for a minute, but by the time he got back there, he was so winded that he had to lie down on the bed. Elaine said he needed oxygen, so I got out an extra long hose hospice had given us and attached it to his oxygen machine in the dining room, and it was long enough to go all the way back to his bedroom. He got nice and comfortable there and took a little nap.

I was trying to make a call to my pharmacy in my bedroom, and when I got off the phone and opened the bedroom door, I could see Dad sitting up on his bed so I helped him get out to the family room. By now, he was so perky that he said he wanted to take us out to lunch. Elaine called hospice to see if that was okay and they said that if he felt up to it, let him go out. Dad took us to Chang’s Mongolian Grill. He sat at the table and Elaine got bowls of food for both of them. We had a good meal and then Dad paid the bill and I helped him walk back out to the car which was parked next to the door, but by the time I got him into the car, he was very winded and was breathing hard most of the way home. I don’t know if he’ll be able to do that again.

Shortly after we returned from the restaurant, my high school BFF, Wendy, came over for a visit. I had a letter I needed to have notarized, so I took advantage of the fact that Wendy was there and asked if she could take me to the notary. Elaine stayed home with Dad this time. When Wendy and I got back to Dad’s house, she came in and sat in the family room and visited with Dad.

I told Dad that Wendy was a teacher before she retired, so he regaled her with stories about his academic achievements. She was a good sport about it!

After Wendy left, we settled in and watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Dad fell asleep while watching. When it was time for him to go to bed, he had a hard time waking up and getting to his feet, but I finally got him to his room and Elaine took it from there. Dad has preferred sleeping in his own bed with Elaine for the last couple of nights. He’s enjoying having as normal of a life as he can right now. We are all aware that this could change soon.

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