Stepping out!

This morning, Dad wanted to walk back to his bedroom for a minute, but by the time he got back there, he was so winded that he had to lie down on the bed. Elaine said he needed oxygen, so I got out an extra long hose hospice had given us and attached it to his oxygen machine in the dining room, and it was long enough to go all the way back to his bedroom. He got nice and comfortable there and took a little nap.

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I have been working at Williams-Sonoma for about two weeks now, and today I got my first paycheck.  It’s only for the first week I worked, but it’s about as much as I sometimes earned in a two week period at Wagon Trail Campground.  Of course, I had an easier job at Wagon Trail Campground and more beautiful surroundings and my bosses and co-workers were like family, so those perks were worth more than money to me. Continue reading