I got a job!

I have applied for several jobs this week as well as the one I applied for before we left Wisconsin, but I haven’t heard back from any of them.  It occurred to me today that Mark got an immediate response from UPS when he applied, so I decided to apply there too.

It’s an interesting process.  They had a series of games I had to play that told them what my strengths and weaknesses are.  I had apparently tried to apply for a job with UPS in 2017, but that was the year that Sherill and Fred ended up needing my help.  Having applied before, I only had to update some of my information.  By the end of the online application, they offered me the job!  I will be working four hours a day, five days a week, loading and unloading packages.  It’s going to be fast-paced, which did me in several years ago when I had an eight hour day, five days a week, working in a stock room, but I’m hopeful that I can handle a shorter day.

I don’t think I’ve told most of you what happened yesterday.  My friend, Wendy, found a wallet in a parking lot that had nearly $2000 and an insurance card in it.  She called the insurance company and they gave her the phone number of the owner of the wallet.  She called and told the man where he could meet her to pick it up.  When she gave him the wallet, he wanted to pay her and she refused, but he kept insisting, so she finally said, “I don’t need the money, but I know someone who does.”  He gave her $200 and she gave it to us last night.  Praise the Lord!

Half of that money is going toward what Mark and I need for our jobs.  He needs a shirt and pants that look kind of like the UPS uniform, a pair of earphones, and a haircut.  I need a pair of work boots.  Today, he got the pants and the earphones and I got the boots.  Tomorrow, he plans to get the haircut and the shirt.  I need to get a copy of my Social Security card for ID.  Tomorrow afternoon, he has an appointment to go in to UPS and get a UPS vest and finish his paperwork.  I hope to be able to present my ID at the same time.  I am praising the Lord for work for both of us and praying that he’ll give us strength for the work.

Today, Wendy took me with her to play Bingo with a friend of hers who is working with a developmentally disabled woman.  I have never played Bingo in a group setting like this.  I had to pay for the Bingo cards, but they were only $0.25 per card, so I got eight of them as Wendy suggested.  That’s $2.00.  Mid-way through the afternoon, I also put down a quarter to play a special Bingo round.  Toward the end of the afternoon, I won my $2.00 back, so I’m only out a quarter!  Wendy also won $2.00 and is only out a quarter, so we considered it a good day!

This is Wendy’s birthday, so if you’d like to wish her a happy birthday, I’ll forward it to her.  Here’s a picture of Wendy:

Wendy and me in Mom’s garden.

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