Touring Door County

A friend of ours was camping in our driveway this past week while she waited for her campground to open and tried to recover from bronchitis. She has never been to Door County before, so I took this opportunity to show her around. (Warning: this blog is long but worth it!)

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Birthday in Tombstone

Thank you to those of you who have asked after Mark’s health. This morning, I had him scheduled for a one-hour massage, and when next I saw him, he was looking very mellow. He said that the massage therapist worked on his wrist, which has been hurting since his fall, and it feels much better.

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Nothing particularly interesting has been happening for a while, but this week I have a quick report to make. My boss and her daughter who is one of our receptionists have Covid, so both of them are out for the week. Another of our receptionists is out sick, I’m not sure if it’s with Covid or not, but she’s been out since last Saturday. A third receptionist is having surgery this Thursday and is staying home so as not to get sick before then. The fourth receptionist is in college and covered for the weekend last weekend, but can’t come in during the week. One of our tax advisors covered the front desk today and will be covering it again tomorrow. So I have been going in from 10:00 in the morning until 7:00 or 8:00 the last couple of days, and yesterday was supposed to be one of my weekend days. Besides my usual work, I am also helping with the phones and covering the desk in the evening when the other receptionist goes home. Please pray for health in our office!

Garden party!

As I predicted, I had a really bad reaction to the booster shot I got on Saturday. I had a fever, chills, fatigue, and a bad headache. If you haven’t had your booster shot yet, don’t let me scare you. I have heard that most people don’t have any problem other than soreness in the area where the shot was given. As a result of my symptoms, though, I wasn’t able to make it to the garden dedication yesterday, but my dear, sweet husband borrowed my phone and got pictures for me. A big “Thank you” goes to Mark for that!

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Time with family

My sister and her family have been staying at Mom’s house, although Rob has had a bad cold for the last few days and hasn’t been able to do much. But I’ve gotten to do some things with my sister, Lauryn, and my nephew, Nate, as well as Mom.

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My son’s remodel

Yesterday, Mom and I went over to my son’s (Jamey’s) house to see what he and Sage had done to it in 2019. Due to Covid, we weren’t able to see it when I was here last year. In fact, Jamey hasn’t been to a barber since Covid hit and I was surprised (pleasantly so!) to see that he has grown a ponytail and it’s curly like my hair!

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