Happy New Year!

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned that we have neighbors on either side of us here behind the church this year. To our right (looking from the inside toward the windshield), we have a 5th wheel with a youngish man living in it. His name is Davis. To our left, in a 24-foot trailer, are Serenity and Jose. The 2 couples haven’t really had a chance to get to know Davis very well, so tonight, I called everyone together for a neighborhood block party!

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New to us

We have settled on the RV we found in Benson on our way to Tucson last Saturday. Monday, Mark called his credit union to see what kind of loan offer they could make and I called my credit union, the one we have for the RV we are still paying on, to find out what kind of offer they could make. Mine was still the better route to go.

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From Bloomington, IL

I was so proud of Tucson! The desk clerk last night was skeptical about having a German Shepherd in the hotel, but Tucson barely made a peep in the room. That’s not to say she didn’t try, but every time she started to growl or acted like she was about to bark, we shushed her and she obeyed!

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From Sturgeon Bay, WI

Most of you may not be aware of what has been going on with us this month. Usually, Mark and I get the RV packed up and leave home sometime during the first week of November, but Mark was trying to make sure everything was working right, and there was a problem with the RV. He ordered a part but it wasn’t going to arrive until last Monday, so we figured we might just be a few days later…

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How WWI and the Influenza Pandemic Changed Victorian Mourning Practices

The Noble House, where I work as a docent, puts out a bi-annual newsletter, and my boss has asked me to write articles along the theme of whatever our display is each year. We are doing A House in Mourning: Victorian Funerals this year, so last spring, she asked me to write an article about Lincoln, the Civil War, and embalming. This fall, she asked me what I would like to write about, and I suggested the topic of how WWI and the Influenza outbreak affected Victorian mourning practices. I see parallels between then and now.

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Ear infection

I think I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been dealing with plugged ears and dizziness this week. I finally got in to see a doctor today and she said that I have an ear infection and may be coming down with a sinus infection as well. She gave me some medication for it. She says that weird things like this have been happening to people who have Covid. Please pray for me if you are of that persuasion!