More pics of Dad

Elaine was busy today, so I stayed at Mom’s house. We found a drawer full of pictures, including pictures of Dad with my stepmother, Sandy. It’s so nice when a divorced couple and their new spouses can get along!

This is Mom’s and Dad’s wedding picture. Mom only weighed 98 pounds when she married Dad! When I was a kid, I tried to put on her wedding dress, and I was too big for it. Mom had a tiny waist!
I’m uncertain where this picture was taken of my older sister, Sherill, with Dad and Mom. It looks like they’re standing in front of the Liberty Bell, but I’m pretty sure they never traveled back east.
I think this picture was taken in 2008 after Sandy was put on hospice and right after Mark and I eloped, but no one at the table knew that we had eloped yet! Mark was taking the picture. On the back side of the table: Sherill, Jamey, me (see my big grin from having just eloped?), Sandy, Dad, Nate, Lauryn, Ian (Rob’s son from a prior marriage), and at the head of the table, Rob. Starting from Rob, those on the front side were Rob’s mom, my mom, Cal (Mom’s husband), and Fred (Sherill’s husband). Of all the people in this picture, only 6 of us are still alive.

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