I’m doing a slide presentation!

I spent the whole day at Dad’s house going through pictures that I might be able to use for a slideshow presentation at his memorial service. It’s late and I need to get to bed, but I thought I might share a few of the more interesting ones.

These are Dad’s parents and the Gospel car and trailer they used for evangelizing.
Dad found a similar one in a museum in Idaho.
This is the Portland meeting hall where his father was the head minister.
Everyone in this picture is gone now: my first stepmother, Sandy, Dad, my sister Sherill, and her husband Fred.
Dad and Sandy went on a mission to Croatia right after the Serb-Croatian war. This is a building with bullet holes in it.
This is a guy Dad and Sandy met in their travels.

This is Jim Jenkins, and in 1998, he walked the Oregon Trail. Dad and Sandy met him in Montana, and they told him to let them know when he got to Oregon. When he was approaching Oregon City, the end of the Oregon Trail, he let Dad know that he was nearby, and Dad called a reporter at a local news station, they went out and videoed him walking and interviewed him when he got to Oregon City. Dad and Sandy hosted him in their home for a few days so he could rest a bit, and they took lots of pictures of him. I’m putting this out there in case any of you know anything about him. I’m trying to find him because I figure he might want these pictures. If any of you know him or know someone who does, please put them in touch with me. Thanks!

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