From Spokane, WA

Mark and I had breakfast with Mom at Shari’s this morning and then we headed off for the rest of our trip. Temperatures got into the 80s today!

This is a better picture of Oregon City across the Willamette River. If you can see the long road going up the hill, that was one of the roads we used to take to our house when we lived there. This is also the end of the Oregon Trail as you will see later.
Starting into the Oregon side of the Gorge
Looking over to the Washington side of the Gorge on the other side of the Columbia River
Here’s the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon
Highway 84
All sorts of state parks in the Gorge
This island in the Columbia River has a house on it with a boat ramp!
We stopped at a beautiful rest stop.
Some info about the Oregon Trail
This better shows the entire route of the Oregon Trail.
I think this overpass was near The Dalles Dam and it looks like the fish ladders where the fish are able to get past the dam.
This is the John Day Dam. You can barely make out the windmills on top of the hills, so this depicts 2 sources of power!
Crossing into Washington
I think this farmer had too much fun!
Tonight, we’re staying at Fairchild Air Force Base FamCamp just south of Spokane, WA near the border to Idaho. This is the view from where we parked our RV.
Sunset on the base

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