Thursday in OR

Mark suggested I spend my last night here at Mom’s house. If my pictures look different from usual, it’s because I can’t get into the internet on my laptop to use my usual editing program so I’m using one that comes with Mom’s computer. It doesn’t do all the things I’m used to being able to do, but it’s better than no pictures at all!

Wendy came over to go for a walk with me first thing in the morning and we took Tucson to the pet exercise area.
I gave Wendy a tour of our RV and then we took one last selfie before separating again for who knows how long?
Mark and I drove over to Vancouver, Washington to have lunch with his mom.
As we crossed the Columbia River, we had a great view of Mt. Hood. My picture doesn’t do it justice!
Mark and his mom outside her apartment. She took us to lunch and we had a wonderful visit with her!
On our way back, I got this distant view of Oregon City from the other side of the Willamette River. Oregon City is where Mark and I were living when we took off for our RV adventures about 12 years ago!

Mark and I picked Mom up so that we could take her to see our RV. Then Mark got an idea that I should spend our last night at Mom’s house. She and I played Scrabble and I will get to go to bed early tonight! Mark will meet us for breakfast in the morning and then he and I will take off to head east toward home. I hope spring arrives before we get there!

After spending the last 4 days with family and friends, I told Mark I just feel like I love everybody! He smiled and patted my hand and said, “That’s nice, Honey!” It’s been a wonderful whirlwind visit.

One thought on “Thursday in OR

  1. Oh! I’m SO glad we had a chance to visit!
    I will be glad to hear about your Mt. Rushmore visit.
    Have a good drive today, and I hope your AC is on it! Ha!
    ❤️ !

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