From Deer Lodge, MT

We spent today in 3 different states: Washington, Idaho, and Montana. We planned a shorter day of driving, which was good because we were going through the Rockies today. Temperatures were still warm, probably in the upper 70s or low 80s.

Coeur d’Alene, ID
A woman walking her dog in one of the most beautiful areas on God’s green earth!
The neck of Idaho is narrow. I didn’t get a shot of the Montana welcome sign, so I’m not sure if this was in Idaho or Montana. It’s the beginning of the Rockies on the west side.
Still some snow in shadowy areas
Take note of this stream. It’s the start of the Clark Fork River. We’ll come across it again several times.
Still wild, but a little wider
Clark Fork River again.

See the smoke? I wasn’t sure if that was the start of a forest fire or not, so I shared the picture with 911. I never knew you could text 911 before, but there was an actual person’s name that came up when I sent the picture. He asked where it was and I told him where we were at the time and said it was to the west of us several miles. He said it was likely someone burning something, but he’d have someone check it out!

Look how wide Clark Fork River has gotten!
We stopped at a rest stop and Mark and I took turns watching Tucson in the dog yard while the other used the facilities.
Then Mark gave her a drink from a water pump!
Mark taking Tucson back to the RV
More of Clark Fork River
Tucson spends most of the day either watching out the front to see where we’re going or sleeping on her bed between us.
Beautiful red rock
Rock outcroppings
The ground is leveling out some and in the rain shadow of the Rockies.
A closer look at the mountains from the valley
At this point, Clark Fork River has begun to meander.
Still surrounded by mountains
We reached our campground while the sun was still up! We’re at Indian Creek RV Park in Deer Lodge, MT. We are now on Mountain time, halfway between Oregon and Wisconsin time.
Just Jesus and me! This truck is parked near our campsite.

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