From Mt Rushmore, SD

Our reception here at the Mt Rushmore KOA isn’t very good, so I wasn’t able to download many pictures, which is probably just as well since I’ve been staying up late to process all the ones I’ve published.

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From Hardin, MT

Going through Montana today reminded me of the train trip Mom and I took from Portland to Wisconsin several years ago. We were in a sleeper car, and a woman in the next room to us came to our door as we were crossing Montana and said, “Are we ever going to get out of Montana?” It seems to go on and on forever!

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From Deer Lodge, MT

We spent today in 3 different states: Washington, Idaho, and Montana. We planned a shorter day of driving, which was good because we were going through the Rockies today. Temperatures were still warm, probably in the upper 70s or low 80s.

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Work assignments

This morning Mark and I drove down to Savage for our orientation with Sidney Sugar.  We met on site at the field where we’ll be working.  I had thought that everyone who came to Sidney would be sent to this work area, but apparently there are three sites near Sidney.  There were only a handful of us in Savage. Continue reading