First day at Pleasant View

After our experience at Savage, I’m sure some of you were questioning our sanity for agreeing to do the same things somewhere else.  All I know is that before we heard from Steve yesterday that we could come to this new site, I was praying that if we got the job God would let there be nice people to work with there and that I’d have the strength to do it.  I think God answered my prayer. Continue reading

Almost time to go

The last few days Rose has allowed me to work half days so that I could spend time getting my house in order.  Today Mark took off for half a day as well and we drove over to Jerry’s shop so that Mark could change the oil and the oil filter on the RV.  It was a complicated matter of unhooking everything, pulling in the slides, and then hooking everything back up and putting the slides out again.  We invited Miss Rose over to see our place all clean and ready tonight. Continue reading

The journey home

Generally when Mark and I travel any great distance, I read to him.  It passes the time and helps him stay awake.  However, there have been times when he’s commented on how much I’m missing while I read.  We took the same route home today that we took to get to Valdez on Sunday, but this time I was captivated from the very start by the scenery I had missed on the way down. Continue reading

Happy 4th of July!

You may have thought to ask yourself today, “How does Tok celebrate the 4th of July?”  Let me tell you, there are no fireworks.  For one thing it would be a fire hazard, and for another, it never gets dark enough at this time of year to see them.  We did hear a few gun shots this evening, but the big event was the parade at 11:00 this morning.  They shut down our stretch of the Alaskan Highway for it.  Here are some pictures I took today as it went past our office: Continue reading

Summer solstice

Yesterday and today are both the longest days of the year in Tok, Alaska.  Sunrise was at 3:19am and sunset will be 11:45pm.  Don’t let that fool you though.  There is a period called Civil Twilight.  That’s the period before the sun rises or sets when it’s still light out.  It has been light all the time between sunrise and sunset.  When we get up in the middle of the night we don’t have to flip any lights on to see. Continue reading