Snow in mid-May?!

We had "snow flurries" today!

We had “snow flurries” today!

We are still in touch with a couple people from Tok, AK where we worked a couple summers ago.  They’ve been having weather in the 70’s and 80’s for the last week (Fahrenheit), and today we had snow.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Mark had some fun today.  There is a particularly aggressive squirrel that has laid claim to one of our bird feeders full of suet and he has chased other squirrels and birds away.

The selfish squirrel

The selfish squirrel

A blue jay waiting for his turn

A blue jay waiting for his turn (the white blurry streaks are snow)

So Mark got a bright idea.  The squirrel has been jumping off a tree branch, landing on the arm of the bird feeder holder, and climbing down to the suet.  Mark came into the kitchen and got our can of Pam cooking spray.  He sprayed the bird feeder holder really well.  The next time the squirrel tried to land on the arm of the holder, he spun upside down, lost his hold and grabbed the supporting pole and slid down like a fireman.  Mark laughed so hard!

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