I know…you all had a lot of snow recently, so snow doesn’t seem like much to you.  But when we woke up and saw snow this morning, it was the first we’d seen since Reno.  I have been working on insulating our front window curtains, but it’s been slow going with my hands in braces.  Mark suggested I try to finish today.

After the initial snowfall this morning, the sun came out and melted everything that was on the ground.  While I worked on the curtain, Mark took the seat by the door of our RV out and put a file cabinet in.  We figure if we have more storage space, we’ll have more room to sit, even without that extra chair.

By dinner time, it was snowing again.  I hadn’t yet finished the curtain but I could see the end of it.  We took my sewing supplies, the curtain, and Lilies of the Field over to Aunt Marg’s house.  She likes Sidney Poitier but she’d never seen the movie before.  It was fun watching it with her, and I finished the curtain about half way through.  Towards the end, Aunt Marg dished up some ice cream and toppings for us.  It was like a party!

We had left the car parked up on the road rather than driving down her driveway and risking getting stuck.  It had snowed quite a bit while we visited with Aunt Marg and it was still coming down pretty hard, but we made it home fine just by driving fairly slowly.  When we got home, Mark hung the curtain I had insulated and already it seems to be holding the heat in and the cold out better.  We are set.  Bring on the snow!

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