Walk on through the storm

Last night as we were driving over to my Aunt Marg’s house, we saw a flash of lightning to the east.  We were taking a movie over to watch with my aunt, Iron Lady, about Margaret Thatcher.  During the movie, the wind blew Marg’s gas fireplace pilot light out.  When we came home and went to bed, it was still stormy and blowing around our RV.

This morning we got up and went to church.  It was still quite windy, but we were safe and warm inside the church.  I am really liking North County Christ the King (NCCTK).  The sermon and the music gave me cause to ponder.  It’s growing on me!  After the service there was a Red Cross Disaster Preparedness class in one of the rooms at church.  If you want to learn how to prepare for a disaster, you can go to www.redcross.org.

When we came home, we noticed that the awning arm on one of the stored RV’s in our RV park was loose.  Mark went out to see if he could fix it, but I had dinner ready so he came in to eat.  By the time dinner was over, the park manager and several of the other campers here were working on it.  It’s nice to know that the people here care enough to try to fix something for someone who isn’t here.

I have been working on a project Mark asked me to do.  Our front curtains over our windshield are quite thin.  Mark asked if I could add something to them to insulate them.  I’ve been sewing lined corduroy to the backs of the curtains.  I finished the curtain on the driver’s side this afternoon.  I have part of the curtain on the passenger’s side to finish and then to sew it on.  However, what I’ve already finished is helping keep these strong winds from cooling off the inside of the RV.  We are quite cozy here today!

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