First day at Pleasant View

After our experience at Savage, I’m sure some of you were questioning our sanity for agreeing to do the same things somewhere else.  All I know is that before we heard from Steve yesterday that we could come to this new site, I was praying that if we got the job God would let there be nice people to work with there and that I’d have the strength to do it.  I think God answered my prayer. Continue reading

Almost time to go

The last few days Rose has allowed me to work half days so that I could spend time getting my house in order.  Today Mark took off for half a day as well and we drove over to Jerry’s shop so that Mark could change the oil and the oil filter on the RV.  It was a complicated matter of unhooking everything, pulling in the slides, and then hooking everything back up and putting the slides out again.  We invited Miss Rose over to see our place all clean and ready tonight. Continue reading

Early snow

Last night (September 2nd) Mark went out after dark and discovered that we were getting snow mixed with rain.  It must have gotten colder during the night because this morning when we opened our blinds there was a light dusting of snow on the picnic tables and some on the ground.  Everyone’s been talking about it today.  Miss Rose says she heard that this is the earliest recorded snow in Tok (or was it Alaska?) since 1925.  This is the earliest I’ve ever seen snow!