Taking initiative

I didn’t get a whole lot of practice registering campers today.  We only had two registrations.  We were really anticipating a bunch with the three day holiday coming up.

Kay and I were working alone today and since we had nothing else to do, we cleaned and organized the store.  I vacuumed, she washed the insides of the windows, we dusted everything, and then I turned my sights on the paperback exchange shelf.  I had seen a woman look through it a couple days ago and leave with nothing, and it was no wonder.  Some of the books had torn covers or unreadable spines, some were terribly outdated, I found some in other languages, and one that was on a topic I don’t think people go looking for when they are on vacation (helping kids with reading difficulties).  There was a sign that said, “Please, no hard covers and no Harlequin romances,” but there were plenty of those in the collection.  So I went through and pulled out all of the above.  I had seen boxes full of books in the back, so I went through those and found popular titles and authors and books with nice covers.  I replaced the bad books with the good ones and it looked much better.  Then I started reorganizing some of the items in the store.  Mike was fine with all this.  I hope Rose will be!

Meanwhile, Mark was working completely on his own outdoors.  The boss asked him to go around and prune some of the trees that might hit RVs as they pull into their sites.  As Mark was doing that, he also began to cut out dead wood.  Then he got to thinking that the boss hadn’t told him to do that and maybe he shouldn’t.  He moved to another area and the boss came out to talk with him.  The boss said, “Just do what you’d do in your own yard.”

Mark said, “Oh, good!  I started cutting out some dead wood but I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to do that.”  The boss liked what he’d done and told him to continue.

This evening the boss found out that his folks’ truck is finally fixed.  They plan to leave Fort Nelson at 4:00am tomorrow and head this way.  Please be praying for a safe trip for Rose and Jerry, and pray that they will like what we’ve done!

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