First day on the job

Mark and I went into the office together at 10:00 and then were taken our separate ways.  I stayed in the office and Mark went outside to help with maintenance and landscaping.

There were two other women working with me today.  One of them started a week ago and the other started a little later I think.  Last night I said the name of one of my co-workers is WK, but today I was reminded that it’s KW.  The other woman’s name is Kay, so we have KW, Kay, Mike (whom I’ll call “the boss” from now on), Mike and Mark.  Then there’s me, Denise.  When the owner arrives there will be a Rose and a Jerry, and there’s another couple that is expected to arrive soon as well.  I hope they aren’t another Kay and Mike or Mark!

There was some confusion about our schedule today.  KW and Mike are part time.  They’ll be working a seven day week and then having the next seven days off.  There’s supposed to be another couple to fill in on the week they’re off.  The boss thought we were the other part time couple.  We told him we understood that we were to work forty hours a week, so hopefully the expected couple are the ones that are supposed to fill in on the off weeks.

The first thing KW and Kay did was to let me pick out a couple Tok RV Village shirts to use for my uniform.  I got a pink one and a blue one.  Then they started training me how to register campers.  It’s a complicated process.  They let me try registering campers several times today and each time they went a little farther away so that I could try it by  myself.  It’s very complicated with paperwork to fill out, trying to find a spot on the camp map that has the amenities they want, ringing it up on the cash register and then trying to remember who gets which copies and receipts.  The whole rest of the office is a store with some really nice souvenirs to sell.  I did some pricing and some dusting today.  I hope I pick it all up before the season gets really busy.

Mark spent a good part of today shoveling bark dust in the tent site area.  He’s kind of limping tonight, but at least it’s not such a mental exercise for him.

We heard today that Rose’s and Jerry’s truck broke down in Fort Nelson, so it will be several more days before they arrive.  I wonder what they’ll be like to work for?  The boss we have right now is pretty laid back.

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