Moving day!

When we first started talking with Rose about coming to Tok and working in this RV park, we asked her if she had any 50 amp sites.  She said she did, but she wasn’t here when we arrived, so we were put in a 30 amp site.  Mark began talking with our boss, Mike, about it and yesterday they found a site they could spare for us.

It’s quite a bit further away from the highway than our old site, a little smaller, but also further away from our co-workers which is very nice!  It’s not that we don’t like our co-workers, but it’s nice to be in a section where people don’t know us so well.  We can kind of let it all hang out!  😉

We started the day by attending Chapel of the North.  It seemed like a really nice church and we may end up there, but there are a couple others that were recommended to me that I might try first.

When Mark and I walked in there was an older man wearing a bolo tie and playing a 12-string guitar, a middle-aged woman playing a mandolin, and a younger man playing an electric guitar.  They were playing old hymns.  The pastor looks old enough to retire and he has sort of an old country boy way about him.  He was very welcoming.  I recognized every song we sang!  They had a folder with some old hymns copied in it, and I was surprised to find “In Beulah Land” there.  It reminds me of a story:

I remember hearing folks in the Thompson Brethren meeting where I grew up singing “In Beulah Land”.  Since I was only about eight or nine years old when we left the meeting, I had a very vague idea what the song was about.  When I was in high school Social Studies, I had a teacher named Mr. Hood who was a professed agnostic, but he knew I was a Christian.  One day in class he asked if anyone knew what Beulah Land was?  I raised my hand and a boy also raised his hand.  Mr. Hood looked at me and he said, “I know you know what it is,” so he asked the boy what it was.  The boy said, “I think it’s somewhere in Africa.”  Of course the answer was Heaven, and if I had answered that’s what I would have guessed, but I was glad Mr. Hood called on my classmate instead.  I wasn’t too sure of my answer.

I had hoped that we were far enough away from the lower forty-eight to dispense with the giving of gifts to newcomers at church, but Chapel of the North gave both Mark and me cups with their name on them.  I have no idea where in our tiny cupboards I can put them, but we thanked them for the cups and took them anyway.  Maybe I can leave them in the laundry room for someone else!

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