A bad ending

On our last day of work, as we were driving away, Mark and I had an impulse to stop at the beet pile where we almost got smished by the boom and toss our helmets as high as we could.  It was like tossing your graduation cap after spending several years of hard study.  It was like saying, “We were here!” Continue reading

What a day!!!

I messed up.  I woke up tired this morning; so much so that I couldn’t walk straight.  I guess I missed a couple tare samples today.  By lunch time I was in tears.  I came back after lunch, but it became apparent to my supervisors that I was a zombie.  One of them practically carried me back to my car and told me to take a nap.  I guess I slept for about two hours and felt somewhat better when I woke up, but they didn’t want me back. Continue reading

Work assignments

This morning Mark and I drove down to Savage for our orientation with Sidney Sugar.  We met on site at the field where we’ll be working.  I had thought that everyone who came to Sidney would be sent to this work area, but apparently there are three sites near Sidney.  There were only a handful of us in Savage. Continue reading