From Glendive, MT

This morning we caught Steve, the representative from Express Employment Professionals, and had a long talk with him.  We told him what happened yesterday and the problems we were having and asked him if we could work in the lab.  He said they just hired two young guys yesterday to work in the lab and we asked if they might be willing to trade.  He said he’d check on it, and if not he wondered if we’d be willing to switch to another piler yard that would be no more than twelve hours.  We were hesitant. Continue reading

Work assignments

This morning Mark and I drove down to Savage for our orientation with Sidney Sugar.  We met on site at the field where we’ll be working.  I had thought that everyone who came to Sidney would be sent to this work area, but apparently there are three sites near Sidney.  There were only a handful of us in Savage. Continue reading