What a day!!!

I messed up.  I woke up tired this morning; so much so that I couldn’t walk straight.  I guess I missed a couple tare samples today.  By lunch time I was in tears.  I came back after lunch, but it became apparent to my supervisors that I was a zombie.  One of them practically carried me back to my car and told me to take a nap.  I guess I slept for about two hours and felt somewhat better when I woke up, but they didn’t want me back.

My supervisor sent Mark to talk to me and Mark admitted to me that he’s been making some mistakes too and he can’t take it any more.  He said he’s exhausted too but he decided to finish out the day.  He told me to go home and come back after work to pick him up.

The first thing I did when I got home was take a shower in the shower house.  My hair felt like greasy straw and I had dirt in my eyes.  It felt so good to get clean again!

I called the temp agency we are working for here and told them what happened and asked if they had anything else we could do.  They said no.  I asked how long we had before we had to leave the fairgrounds and they said twenty four hours.  We are supposed to have a windshield replacement coming and I haven’t yet found any other RV parks in town.  Things were looking pretty grim.

I picked Mark up at work and we turned in all our gear and punched out on the time clock.  I had brought a towel and some clean clothes for Mark and dropped him off at the shower house and came home to fix a proper dinner.

Our next door neighbor that we worked with at Amazon knocked on our door to say the inside car light was on, so I went out to see if I could get it turned off.  While I was out there, the guy who did our orientation for the temp agency came over and asked what was going on.  I told him what happened today and he asked if he could get us a different job would we be interested?  These tare samples that I’ve been missing go to a lab to be tested for sugar content.  It would still be twelve hours a day, seven days a week, but it would be indoors and maybe there would be places to sit at least sometimes.

I talked it over with Mark when he came in from the shower.  We’d sure like to try it if the company would have us.  Please be praying for us tomorrow.  By tomorrow night we will either have a new job or we will be on the road again.  We’d rather have work.

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