This is the day which the Lord has made…

I’m almost too pooped to write anything but a few highlights…

Got a new “greaser” today.  These are the young bucks who have been hired to come from 10:00-10:00.  During the day they are supposed to help wherever needed.  This new guy is somewhat of an improvement over the last, except that he was so busy trying to tell me what I was supposed to do that he sometimes forgot what he was supposed to do.  Hopefully we got that worked out.

This afternoon the woman who picks up our tare bags brought us some new ones, and when I was about to open one of them I saw a cute little mouse running around on the trailer.  I called my co-workers attention to it because I thought we could corner it and catch it, but to my horror she picked up our hoe and beat it to death.  I suppose she thought I was afraid of it and she was rescuing me, but I’m still traumatized!

We had winds up to forty five miles an hour today.  It blew hard enough to blow dirt down inside all my layers of clothing.  I think the next time I cry, I’ll cry tears of mud.  Everything I ate or drank had dirt in it.

Still, “This is the day that the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

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