Thank you to all those who wrote to cheer me up from the day I had yesterday.  There was one incident I had forgotten to write about last night because I didn’t get yelled at about it yesterday.  This morning in our stand up meeting, the boss didn’t mention our piler crew, but he did mention to everyone else that someone had forgotten to take a tare sample.  That would be me.

I didn’t actually forget.  I just didn’t know that my work partner on the other side had taken a break without telling me.  The farmer complained because those tare samples are how they get paid.  As a result of what happened, I got a new work partner this morning.  At first she was upset about being assigned to what sounded like the losing team, but fairly early on we discovered that we work well together.  All the disgruntled feelings I was having yesterday are better.  I was not pleased every time my former work partner came around, but that was fortunately not too often.

The morning started out frigid again.  We got to see the sun rise and then things slowly warmed up.  You may find this hard to believe, but I even took both my coats off!

Being in a better mood today, I was able to smile at the farmers who drove in and even talked with a few of them.  One was a grandmother who had her small grandchildren with her every time she came through.  They looked like they were behaving pretty well for her.  Another was a guy who brought me a cup of coffee this afternoon after I had told him on his previous visit that I was getting tired.  I said thank you and after he left I gave the coffee to my work partner.

Mark, on the other hand, had a supervisor he worked well with yesterday and he started out with him again this morning, but then another supervisor took over and spent most of the day with him.  This new supervisor pushed Mark to the point where he was at double speed today and it was difficult for all of us.  Mark had to be able to keep track of too many things, and when it was time for me to take tare samples, I couldn’t tell where one truck’s beets stopped and another started.  At that speed, Mark made a few mistakes and the supervisor berated him.  Our boss always talks about wanting us to be safe but have fun.  Are we having fun yet?

I will say that at that speed we quickly pulled into the lead of all the pilers.  They started laying down pipes today and I lost track of how many rows of pipes we buried.  The way this works is that a skid steer lays down a row of pipes on each side of the pile.  Several guys maneuver the heavy, metal pipes into place so they line up.  The pipes don’t go all the way to the center.  The skid steer then piles some beets in front of the pipes so that when the main pile avalanches onto them they won’t move.  That’s how they get buried.  The ends of the pipes stick out on each side of the pile and they will run fans through them to keep the beets cold till the weather puts them in deep freeze.

As we go along covering pipes, the whole piler has to be moved back about three feet at a time.  That’s fun to watch.  Mark lifts one ramp, then the other, and finally the booth he’s standing in so that the machine isn’t dragging on the ground.  The wheels are like those on a tank where there’s a belt that goes around a set of wheels.  They slowly move back and then Mark has more room to swing the boom that the beets go up.

It continued being warm enough after the sun set that I was able to only put on one coat.  We had a gorgeous orange sunset tonight and then I saw the moon rise.  I had a much better day today.  Please pray for Mark!

1 thought on “Attitude

  1. Prayers going up to our Father who cares. Mark’s name will be heard and lifted up to the loving ears of a Savior who knows, even before we ask.

    Today’s sermon was awesome. Our Pastor, whom I love dearly talked about how our attitude affects everything that we do. We have a “choice.” I choose joy! It isn’t easy to do all that’s asked of me and quite frankly, oftentimes, I just don’t feel like it. But I want to be “Christlike” so that others may see his light in me and therefore, I count it all joy!

    Without him, we can’t…with him, we can do all things (in his strength)!


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