Rain, rain, go away…

This morning it was raining when we got up at 5:00, but we got dressed and had breakfast.  Then we called to see if we were working.  There was a message asking us to check back at 8:00, so we went back to bed for a while longer.  When we called back at 7:45 the message said to come in at 8:30.

The ground was wet but there were no standing puddles.  The rain had stopped.  Today was a practice day for us.  The boss had two farmers bring truckload after truckload to dump so that the piler operators and us tare helpers could learn what to do.  Everything was going pretty well until it started misting, then sprinkling, then raining.  The boss called it off at 4:30 this afternoon.  It’s been raining hard ever since, so he said to be sure to call in tomorrow morning.  Sure hope it dries up soon!

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