We survived!

Today was our last day of work!!!  So few farms were bringing beets in that Todd asked if there were any volunteers who would like to be done today.  Mark and I were the first to respond.  We volunteered yesterday, so today we were counting the hours.  We don’t have to set the alarm for 5:00 tomorrow.  Yay!

The Cindy I’ve been working with and her husband were the other volunteers.  My friend, Cindy, who has been working night shift and her husband will now be working day shift, along with a couple other guys.  I imagine they’ll be done by Wednesday.  My friend Cindy took pictures of all of us and took our e-mail addresses.  If she sends me the pictures she took, I’ll post them here.

So to all those of you who thought we’d never make it, here we are.  We survived!  🙂

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