My doppleganger

We were off today due to high winds (not good when big pickup trucks have their bed fully raised), so this is the day I write about a gift God gave me on September 9th.  Her name is Denise Michelle Fuller.

I was reading my e-mails and I saw one entitled “Hi Denise”.  I thought it was spam, but when I opened it, this is how it started:

“Every now and again, I like to google my name to see if anyone is pretending to be me.  I saw your name and decided to say hello.”

Not only do we share the exact same name, but it turns out we’re sisters in Christ as well.  She was saved six years ago and she is on fire for Christ.  I love the joy that she exudes!

Denise is a cop in Maryland by avocation, but her real passions are photography and writing.  She keeps several blogs going at a time.  She has one for the poetry she writes (, one where she has challenged herself to take one hundred pictures in one hundred days of things that make her happy – and I’m number 67! – (, one about her life’s journey(, and one about her life as a detective sergeant (  At the end of each year she turns her blogs into books which she gives to her children.  She has one published book of poetry.

Here is a picture of the other Denise Michelle Fuller:

Don't you just love her beautiful smile?

Don’t you just love her beautiful smile?

One thought on “My doppleganger

  1. Sister, you are so awesome to put me on display! I feel like a celebrity. Lol
    I can only attribute my smile to the fact the Jesus is Lord and has completely wiped my past clean. All the shame, pain and insecurities are gone.

    My biggest decision is: “what’s for dinner?”

    I love how He knew that I’d one day find you and that we be exactly where we are in our lives because of His grace!

    I still smile wide that we even have the same middle name.

    And yes, I’m passionate about writing and photography, but bible study is my first passion and keeps me from posting daily.

    I’m actually a cop in the Nation’s Capitol. It’s been 24 years and only one left. Yay!

    I have to again say, “thank you” for allowing me into your life and to also tell you that your #smile is just as awesome. You’re glowing too and I know it’s because the joy of the Lord is your strength. But, I believe it also has something to do with your beloved gift from God; “Mark!” 🙂

    Love you and keeping you and your travels in my prayers!


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