Hump Day

I know people usually call Wednesday “Hump Day”, but today ended our third week at Amazon and we only have three weeks left, so today was Hump Day for us.  🙂

Amazon announced this week that they would open up several permanent positions to Workampers after all.  The pay is the best we’ve had since we’ve been Workamping, we are getting in good shape, and the job is fun so it was tempting, but we aren’t ready to settle anywhere yet.  There’s still a lot of America to see together.

They changed our hours again as of today.  When we got to work yesterday, there wasn’t any place to park in the lot we regularly park in.  What they had happening was that the night shift was getting off just as we were arriving.  They decided if they had us come in at 6:30 and get off at 5:00, that would give the night shift time to leave so there’d be more spaces for us to park in.  Today was our first day on the new hours.  When we were getting off at 4:30 we still had some dusk light, but today we truly came and left in the dark.  It is nice to come in half an hour later though!

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