Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving.  If you’d like to write and tell me about it, I’d enjoy reading about it.

We were anticipating working eight hours today, but four hours into our day, right after our first break, they called us all together and said that in the last two weeks we’ve broken records and we’re ahead of schedule, so they let us all go early.  As soon as we got in the car, I phoned the pastor’s house and told his wife we’d been released early and could come and help if she’d like.  Actually, Mark wanted some time to unwind from work, so he dropped me off at the pastor’s house and went home for a few hours.  It gave me a chance to visit and offer to help.  About the most I was able to help was to stir the gravy, but I had also made some banana bread so I contributed some to the dinner.  When Mark arrived he watched the Dallas Cowboys game with the guys.

The pastor and his wife have two grown sons who were there, and everyone else at the table were invited guests like us.  To fit us all around a table they used a ping pong table.  The food tasted really good, and the family atmosphere felt so relaxing.  I almost felt sorry for our friends, Bob and Paige, who opted to go to a restaurant with some friends of theirs.

When we left we needed to buy some milk and orange juice for tomorrow, so we stopped by Walmart.  We could tell just from the parking lot that the store was full, so Mark dropped me off to run in and grab the things we needed.  I thought it was strange when I walked in the door and a woman asked me if I wanted a map to the store.  I told her I’d been there before so I didn’t need a map.  It wasn’t until I tried to get to the back of the store for the milk and orange juice that I finally figured out something was different.  People were lined up in the aisles and all along the main walkway to the back.  I grabbed the milk and juice after fighting my way through the crowd, found an open register, and as I was paying for my groceries I said to the clerk, “I just came for milk and juice.  What’s going on?”  She informed me that it was Black Friday, and I said, “But it’s still Thursday!  I thought everyone would be home eating Thanksgiving dinner!”  Silly me!

When I got home I called my son and had a nice long conversation with him.  He told me he had just come from spending Thanksgiving with my family, and he said everyone who’s been reading my blog updated my sister, Sherill, who doesn’t have a computer.  It made me feel like I had been there in spirit.

It’s been a good day.  I hope you’ve all had time to spend with family and reflect on what you are most thankful for.

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