From Mt Rushmore, SD

Our reception here at the Mt Rushmore KOA isn’t very good, so I wasn’t able to download many pictures, which is probably just as well since I’ve been staying up late to process all the ones I’ve published.

Pilot and co-pilot

When we left Hardin, we passed by the battlefield at Little Big Horn. I would have liked to have seen it, but we will have to save that stop for another time.

Still going up and down today
We stopped at a Walmart and I was attracted to their bulbs and vines. I bought these to plant at home.
Poor Mark! Every time we stop, I ask him to wash the bugs off the windshield so that I can take pictures.
Mountain views
We went through a corner of Wyoming today.
Entering South Dakota
A town called Custer in the midst of Native American territory
The rock formation in the background to the right of the sign is the work so far on the memorial of Crazy Horse.

The Crazy Horse Monument has been making slow progress since it was first started 75 years ago. It only took 14 years to create the 4 presidential faces on Mt Rushmore. Not knowing much about it yet, it sounds like the Crazy Horse Memorial needs more funding and sculptors.

Entrance to Mt Rushmore
The KOA where we’re staying for tonight and tomorrow night
The fishing pond across from our RV
Our site is beautiful

Tonight, we have been watching Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. What a sad page in the annals of US history.

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