From Milwaukie, OR

We finally made it here.  We arrived around noon and then Mark tried to get everything set up.  For some reason, our electrical keeps tripping the breaker, so we will need to use the generator in the RV until Mark can find the parts to fix it.  We also need to get another hose so we can hook up to water.  We are just really happy to have landed, and the family has been contacting us to welcome us back.  Since I wasn’t able to show pictures from yesterday, I’ll include some of those today.

Sunrise over Walmart in Missoula, MT

Into the mountains

Why are the fir trees turning color?

Crossing into Idaho

The beauty of Lake Coeur D’Alene in northwestern Idaho

Crossing into Washington

There’s the rest stop we wanted to be at…

I don’t remember if I told this story yesterday.  Our black water tank was nearly full, so we set our GPS for a rest stop where there was supposed to be an RV dump station.  The GPS had us take an exit just before the exit to the rest stop and it took us within sight of the rest stop, but the two roads didn’t connect.

We ended up in some dinky little town.

Mark was not a happy camper!

Crossing the Columbia River into Oregon

Looking across the Columbia at Washington

Sunset as we started into the Columbia River Gorge

Crescent moon over Mt. Hood

That was yesterday.  Today, we had a short trip.

Driving beside towering rocks

The kind of view the Gorge is famous for

Bonneville Dam from the back side

Multnomah Falls, both upper and lower falls

Mark was kind enough to stop so I could get some good pictures of the falls. This was the first time I’d noticed how dirty the truck and RV were.

The Vista House at Crown Point as seen from below

We finally got to Clackamette Park where we always stop to disconnect the truck from the RV. The truck battery was dead, so Mark was charging it from the RV generator.

We saw a couple of bald eagles which Mark said he’d never seen in this park before.

We have fond memories of Clackamette Park. This is where we eloped in 2008!

A skateboard park within the park

Pigeons on the wing

I got to Fred’s house first in the truck. Fred wasn’t home. I wandered around inside the house missing Sherill.

Mark parked the RV right next to the house. He’s good!

We visited with Fred for a while after he got home, and then we went out to dinner with Mom.  This evening, Jamey called and made arrangements for Mark and I to have dinner with him and Sage at a restaurant tomorrow night.  It is good to be with family.

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