Job search

Before we left Wisconsin, Mark and I tried applying for several different jobs.  On our trip out here, I had a telephone interview for one of the jobs I applied to.  Monday morning, I went to fill out the paperwork for the background check at that company.  Mark and I have been waiting to hear back from a couple of employers.

Mark was hopeful that he was lined up for a job at the RV dealership he worked at this time of the year last year, so Monday morning he got up early and I packed him a lunch and he headed to work.  He came back an hour later.  The manager wasn’t in so they sent him home.  Tuesday morning, he called, but they said the manager was out sick.  Wednesday when he called, they said the manager was going to be in meetings all day.  Mark had UPS calling to try to get him back, but he was holding out for this RV tech job that would give him more training and experience for his business.  The manager finally got in touch with him last evening and told him to come in today.

Mark came home from work this evening and Fred and I were waiting for him and asked him how his first day on the job went.  He said it went great!  Last year, they had him doing Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDIs)  and he learned a lot.  This year, they have put him on bodywork, so he has an opportunity to learn something new.  He took Tucson to work with him and left her in the truck except on his breaks, and he said she did fine.  We had gotten her a new toy that we left in the truck to be a truck toy.  Today was her first time to play with it, and I guess she loved it!

I hadn’t heard anything since Monday from the company I had interviewed for on route, so I decided I might want to pursue some of the other places I had sent my resumé to.  The first place I went is a JoAnn’s Fabric store in Milwaukie.  When I told the manager my name, she said she’d been trying to call me for an interview.  Because we still don’t have electricity in the RV, our landline phone isn’t working.  She took me into her office and interviewed me on the spot.  She said there is some paperwork I need to fill out for a background check and suggested I might be able to start the week after Thanksgiving if all goes well.

It’s a good thing that I had that interview, because this evening I checked my emails and discovered I hadn’t gotten the job at the other company.  Apparently, they hadn’t gotten as many end-of-year orders as usual and decided they didn’t need any extra help.  Darn!  But I had prayed for God’s will to be made evident in whatever job I got or didn’t get, so I guess that job wasn’t meant to be.

I’m feeling a little desperate to get a job soon because I remember that last year when my sister didn’t need my help any more after Thanksgiving, there were no Christmas jobs left.  Please pray that God will open something up for me soon.

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