Game night

For the past two days I’ve been working on editing, and Mark has been running errands.  It was time for a little fun.  Jamey had sent out a general invitation for a game night at his office, so we decided to go.

I brought along my Banana Scrabble (Bananagrams) and my Scrabble dictionary.  One of Jamey’s business partners brought Magic, a roleplaying game he markets.  Other people brought various games, including one that had been invented by Jamey’s former mentor, Bart.  People would go around from table to table and drop in for any game that interested them.  There was a chess game, and Mark and I learned a new game we liked called Blokus.  We stayed for three hours munching on refreshments and playing games, but the best part for me was the socializing.

At the beginning of the evening they had everyone go around and tell their name and something interesting about themselves.  When I mentioned that I was Jamey’s mom, the guy I was playing Banana Scrabble with, Ian, told me he’s a friend of Jamey’s.  I had heard Jamey talk about him, so we made a connection there.  (Plus the fact that he was a really good Scrabble player and he beat me two out of three games!)

I got to see Tim’s pictures of the baby his wife was pregnant with when I was consulting at Comic Rocket.  His daughter is two months old now and as cute as a bug!

I recognized a friend of Jamey’s and Sarah’s named Eric that I hadn’t seen since their wedding in 2007.  His last name is Fuller, so I introduced him to Mark and they did the “Where are your ancestors from?” thing.  It was so good to see him again.  He’s a sweety!

Towards the end, Jamey introduced us to a female Jamie who got into a discussion with Mark about hunting and fishing and shooting guns.  She really liked the cowboy hat he was wearing that he’d altered by putting bullet casings on as weights for the ties.

Of course, Jamey and Sarah were there as well.  I didn’t know everyone there, but I knew enough of Jamey’s friends and colleagues that I felt comfortable.  Mark had gone dragging his heels, but he ended up enjoying himself too.  It was a really good way to participate a little in Jamey’s world.

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